In every house and in the sanitary ware, the presence of toilets and Iranian toilets is one of the most important parts that cannot be ignored. Therefore, you should be very careful to buy it so that you do not face future problems. The best possible material for making porcelain toilets or glazed ceramics. Also, the technology and combination of different materials for production are different in different countries and companies. According to international standards, water absorption in sanitary ware should be less than0.05 %. Poor quality sanitary ware has a high-water absorption rate, which causes the accumulation of pollution and it provides a good breeding ground for germs and fungi, so you can smell bad in your bathroom. In our company, Novin Ceram Kavir, we guarantee health in your health service environment by producing quality ceramic products even higher than the international standards. To choose the most suitable model of toilet, it is necessary to have information such as the dimensions of the installation space, the location of the sewer outlet and … . You can get the necessary guidance to choose the most suitable model by contacting the sales and marketing department of Coreet.