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Our bathroom set, with its modern and functional design, turns your bathroom and toilet space into a pleasant and beautiful environment

Essential bathroom items such as washbasin, cabinets, faucets, mirrors, and more are available in Coreet with high quality and affordable prices

You can choose the bathroom set of your choice from a variety of designs and colors, according to your taste and needs

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Luxury bathroom design with unique products

A luxury bathroom is a space that includes beauty, functionality, and comfort in addition

Our team of experts offers a complete selection of sanitary ware and furniture for the design of your luxury bathroom, taking into account your taste and needs

Discover the difference our products make in your bathroom. Elevate your bathing experience, embrace elegance, and create a space that embodies both beauty and functionality

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Designing the bathroom is one of the most important aspects of interior design

This space should be not only beautiful, but also functional and comfortable. The selection of appropriate furniture and equipment plays an important role in creating a pleasant and functional space

Bathroom amenities should be of high quality to last long and be resistant to moisture and potential damage. They should also have a beautiful design to make the bathroom space pleasant

Our bathroom and toilet supplies are made from luxurious and high-quality materials and are designed with attention to detail. Our cabinets, cabinet boxes, and storage spaces seamlessly integrate with your bathroom design, adding beauty and organization to your space


Coreet sanitary equipment provides the ability to purchase bathroom fixtures and custom-designed washbasins and cabinets

This equipment is available in a wide range of materials, colors, and styles

By choosing these equipment, you can create a unique and personalized bathroom space

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Coreet bathroom cabinets are a flawless combination of beauty and functionality. From high-quality materials to thoughtful features, our cabinets are designed to transform your bathroom space into a luxurious and inviting one


Coreet bathroom and toilet cabinets are made of luxurious and durable materials that can withstand moisture and impact

High-quality wood, natural stone, and synthetic materials are all used to create these cabinets. With clean lines and subtle details, these cabinets give your space a sleek and modern look. They coordinate well with a variety of textures and colors in the environment and with natural materials such as wood and green plants to create a look that suits your taste

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Coreet cabinets and bathroom accessories are a valuable investment for your home

The use of high-quality and durable hardware ensures that these cabinets will retain their beauty and value for years to come, without any change in appearance or functionality. Additionally, the high level of customization available with these cabinets allows you to create a bathroom space that is perfectly suited to your taste

By purchasing a Coreet full set bathroom cabinet, you can create a beautiful, functional, and durable bathroom space for yourself. These cabinets are available in a variety of designs and colors and can be matched with various Coreet sanitary ware


Coreet and toilet cabinets and accessories are an ideal choice for those looking for a modern and stylish bathroom

These supplies create a relaxing and natural look in your space by using natural materials such as wood and stone

f you are looking to renovate your bathroom, Coreet cabinets and accessories can be a great option for you

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Coreet toilet amenities, like a skilled architect, turn your bathroom space into a work of art

They create a cohesive and beautiful space using harmonious lines, shapes, and colors, and they bring harmony and coordination to your space. They create a space full of emotion and passion using colors, light, and shadow

Don’t worry about the arrangement of your bathroom anymore, we offer you the best harmony


The delicacy of nature is always mesmerizing

The good feeling of seeing the delicacy in the creation of leaves, birds, etc. Designers of Kret, inspired by this delicacy and beauty, try to recreate this feeling in you

Coreet cabinets are products that have been carefully designed to provide you with comfort, hygiene, and a beautiful view in your bathroom, while still maintaining the principles of standardization

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lux trim full set

Lux Trim

coreet sets, a gateway to the world of beauty and creativity

With Coreet’s full sets, you can design your bathroom to the utmost beauty

They are powerful tools for expressing your creativity. With these full sets, you can create unique works of art that will captivate the eye of any viewer

Suitable for anyone looking for beauty and creativity


<— Intelligent Storage System

These cabinets help you maximize your space and keep your bathroom essentials within reach by providing the right storage space for your

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coreet full sets are a collection of colors that can be coordinated with any taste
The variety of colors in these full sets makes it possible to match any space Even if your space is small, you can create a functional and beautiful space by using wall cabinets and light colors


The harmony of furniture has always been one of the concerns of home decoration, and everyone strives to have a decoration with harmony and shared design

With the purchase of coreet full sets, this problem is easily solved and you no longer need to spend a lot of time and money to have a high-quality full set with beautiful and up-to-date design

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Coreet full sets showcase minimalist design with unparalleled elegance and symmetry

Simple, clean lines, neutral colors, and undecorated design define minimalist design. Coreet full sets showcase these features with unparalleled elegance and symmetry.