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The role of the wash basin in bathroom decoration

wash basin is one of the most important elements in the bathroom decoration, which in addition to its main function, plays an important role in the beauty and appearance of the bathroom.

It is very important to choose a new and new washbasin according to the needs and preferences of individuals, which in addition to beauty, should also be hygienic.

For this reason, choosing coreet products with antibacterial glaze, which prevents the growth and proliferation of bacteria and reduces the risk of infectious diseases, can be an excellent option for your bathroom environment.

All kinds of washbasin

These products are available in a variety of types in terms of material, shape, size, and installation location. The most common ones are:

Wall-hung: If your bathroom space is small, it is better to use a wall-hung washbasin. If you are looking for a stylish and modern product, wall-mounted and self-in models are a good option for you.

Stand-alone: Stand-alone washbasins are one of the oldest models used in bathrooms, which have been used for many years but have now given way to cabinet washbasins due to their large footprint

Over-the-counter: Due to the unsanitary and presence of microbes in the bathroom, it is better to place sanitary items such as toothbrushes, towels, etc. inside a closed container. coreet cabinet wash basin are produced in a variety of types, including: shelf counterpo.

shelf: This model, due to its placement inside the cabinet, takes up less space. This makes your bathroom look neater and more spacious. In addition, because it has no edges or borders, it has a very simple and minimalist appearance that can be easily coordinated with any type of décor.

When choosing the design and color of a wash basin, you should consider the following factors:

  • The style of the bathroom décor: The design and color of the wash basin should complement the style of the bathroom décor. If your bathroom has a classic style, it is better to use simple designs and neutral colors. For modern bathrooms, you can also use wash basin with geometric designs and dark colors.
  • The size of the bathroom: The size of the wash basin should be appropriate for the size of the bathroom.
  • Lighting: Lighting can also affect the choice of design and color of the wash basin.
wash basins

wash basin coreet

coreet Manufacturing Company is one of the leading wash basin manufacturers in Iran, offering a variety of products with different designs and colors. This variety in design and color allows you to choose the best option for your space and preferred style.

Based on the information provided by you, the sales and marketing team can introduce you to the different coreet models and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each model. They can also help you choose a model that has the best value for money.

coreet is always with you on your design journey.