Novin Ceram Kavir

Novin Sram Sanitary Porcelain Production Complex was established in 2004 and started its activity in Yazd province in Tabas Industrial Town on a land with an area of ​​about forty-five thousand square meters, and this complex has produced one thousand tons of sanitary porcelain products annually. In the beginning and in its initial development plan, it has been able to increase the level of its production by 3,000 tons. The expertise of experienced domestic and international consultants has been able to produce products with higher quality than the national standard of Iran and offer them in all parts of Iran.

Shouder faucets

shouder faucets, since 1991 in the field of production and supply of sanitary valves with the aim of creating quality products and gaining the satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers, relying on all the details, such as durability and beauty and engineering knowledge in accordance with modern technology, began to operate Appeared. This careful look and attention to all the details has made Shoder’s name shine among other competitors.

Kaiser faucets

Bana Ara Nik Holding Group, while introducing one of its brands called KaiSar, considers it competitive with foreign products and, in accordance with Iranian culture, offers you products that have a lifespan that is as old as your life. We give character to your building by combining our other products such as ceramics, tiles or various combinations of sanitary fucets.

Kelar faucets

kelarpouya Manufacturing and Industrial Company, a manufacturer of high quality valves in accordance with modern European standards, has made quality and customer satisfaction its main goal.

Vista Collection

Abshang Company was established and put into operation in 2001 in order to produce all kinds of bathtubs, Jacuzzis and shower rooms. This factory operated in Alborz province and in a short period of time was able to introduce itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of bathtubs, Jacuzzis and shower rooms by producing quality products in accordance with international standards. Abshang Company is now one of the quality manufacturers of such products in the country, and the significant growth in the market demand for Vista products is itself a confirmation of this.


Spainker tile, a new product of Tabriz tile, produces floor and wall tiles with the aim of producing unique products for the customer. This tile is a joint product of two developed countries in the field of ceramic tiles, Iran and Spain. Combining the best and most up-to-date designs in the world in the best quality is one of the most important features of Tabriz tiles.