Products for bathroom needs

Why choose Novin ceram sanitary ware?

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Weight test up to 400kg
Wall hung wcs are subjected to 400kg
Weight test

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Weight test up to 150 kg
Wc covers are subjected to 150kg weight test

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Weight test up to 150 kg
Wash basin are subjected to 150kg weight test

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fittings made of corrosion and water resistant stainless steel

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Glazed lnner surfaces of wc pan bowl and cistern
Dirt resistant easy to clean and hygienic with glazed wc bowl and cistern

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Removable wc seat covers  
Easily cleaned with its easy plug and play feature thanks to its patented special hinge

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Oder test  
All wcs are tested for odor

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Wc pan with jet flush
Dirt resistant easy to clean and hygienic thanks to its rimless structure

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Funcation testing
All wcs are functionally tested for 6 liters

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Soft close wc seat covers
Thanks to special hinge it closes slowly and silently

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mounting points are not visible in the wc

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stylish appearance with its slim design

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Space saving

Wall hung wc pans and concealed cisterns
Takes up very little space and easily cleaned underneath

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Easy installation
Quickly mounted and saves time with kales patented easy installation system .
Easy to clean thanks to its design

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With warranty

5 years warranty
All ceramic sanitary ware are guaranteed for 5 years
And the auxiliary materials used for the product for 2 years

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2 years warranty
All wc seat covers are guaranteed for 2 years